About us

Welcome to my site! My name is Katie Cole and I am the creator and founder of Let’s Keep Growing. I began making my organic hair oil in 2016 while struggling to find the right hair products for mine and my daughters hair needs. I have always had beautiful, healthy, thick jet black hair but after having my children, dealing with hormonal changes, everyday stressors, and heat damage, my hair had become thinner and I was having a hard time getting it to grow. Interesting enough, I was not alone. Many of my friends and associates shared the same challenges. Since I was no novice to hair care, I sought out products to address my hair loss, but failed to find one that satisfied my needs. So, after many failed attempts to find a product that worked, I took my knowledge of essential oils and hair nutrients and birthed Let’s Keep Growing. After all, my life’s circumstances had taught me that when “life keeps shutting doors, build a window”. So I did and it worked! Finally, I had a product that restored my hair to its original beauty and health. I started sharing the product with others and they too have had successes. The development of Let’s Keep Growing did not happen overnight. It was a journey that required a lot of time, energy, patience, and persistence. It was akin to the journey of my life. I’ve gone through hundreds of failures and complicated situations from birth to now, starting with being adopted and raised in a city where I had very little family, losing my father as a teen, and facing financial and emotional hardships. But with faith and perseverance, I pushed through life’s struggles and I managed to come out on top. Life’s pitfalls pushed me to a place that allowed me to really evaluate myself and find the creative strength to not only design a solution for my hair growth, but to design a life I wanted. A life that continues to grow! My hair growth formula has grown from an idea into a business as I grow as a woman, a mother, and a businesswoman. I would really love

for you to join me on this journey of growth. While we grow our hair and ourselves, I hope to inspire, motivate and educate my supporters on their journey of self development, reaching goals higher than the sky’s limit. Let’s keep growing.